Biotick was created in 2010 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a common interest in cattle breeding in tropical South America. Our core competence is the development of Biotechnology aimed at fighting diseases caused by cattle ticks that are endemic to the region, as well as controlling tick populations among local herds. Annual losses caused by ticks have been estimated at US$ 3 billion within Brazilian livestock alone. And that is where our headquarters are based: in São Paulo, Brazil.

Biotick’s approach stems from a deep understanding of the underlying science, leveraged by our partnerships with leading Brazilian research institutions such as Embrapa Gado de Corte and Instituto Butantan. The productivity of our collaborations is evidenced by a series of resulting patents, deposits, products and publications throughout the past decade.




In spite of being top global exporters of beef, Brazilian producers experience less productivity and obtain lower prices due to the composition of local herds, as compared to those of competing nations. Breeds of Indian origin (Bos indicus) form the vast majority in tropical Brazil, due to their better resistance to tick-borne diseases. Such breeds, unfortunately, command prices that are at least 30% lower in the international beef markets, and yield 4 to 5 times less milk on a daily basis when compared to European breeds (Bos taurus).

The tick problem is currently addressed in part by chemical pesticides, which are both environmentally and economically costly. Solving this problem through Biotechnology (especially vaccines) will make a shift towards European breeds possible, bringing substantial gains in productivity and sustainability. And that will be true not only for Brazil, but for tropical cattle raising across the planet.


Biotick invests in joint development of veterinary products with reputable research institutions, and then licenses or partners with the best Pharmaceutical companies in the sector in order to accelerate the introduction of those solutions to the global market.


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